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Beginning each October  actors from Last Leaf travel to schools, libraries, parks, and early learning centers to bring live theater programs to children of all ages. Many of the original adaptations are based on classic fairy tales or folk tales from around the world to encourage literacy.  Some programs are STEAM-based to coordinate with school curriculum.  But all are colorful and entertaining.  We consistently receive great positive comments from kids and adults in the audience as well.

Each season we feature two, 40 - 50 minute, interactive programs followed by a meet and greet with the professional actors. During the summer we add a third alternative program to coordinate with the summer reading theme for libraries across the country.

The cast of "Puss 'n Boots" with friends at a children's center south of Seattle.

You can now hear some of our most popular plays for free on the podcast Winking Kat Tales.  Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, &

Click here to link to the site.

Upcoming performances for Summer 2023

"The Magic Hat"
Tuesday, June 27 @ 2pm
Oak Harbor Public Library

"The Magic Hat"
Saturday, July 1 @ 1 pm
Clinton Community Center

"The Magic Hat"
Saturday, July 15 @ 1pm
Granite Falls Library
"Who Stole the Queen of Hearts' Tarts?"
Thursday, July 27 @ 2 pm
Monroe Library
"Henny Penny"
Wednesday, August 16 @ 6:30 pm
NW Arts Center in
Bellevue, WA
"Hercules & The Golden Apple"
Saturday, July 8 @ 2pm

The Mill in Lake Stevens 
(presented in cooperation with the Lake Stevens Library

Children's Programs sponsored in part by:

The Anne & Mary Fund of the Greater Everett Community Fountation

The Kroeger Charitable Fund


Many thanks to these organizations & to all our individual supporters.


Upcoming Public Performances 

We are so glad to be able to be back on the road bringing our unique & fun performances to your community. Please, be considerate to others & observe any Covid protocol required by the performance venues

Please, check this website for updated
We are all working together to make
sure you will be able to enjoy the magic of live theater as safely as possible.



is an original story developed in conjunction with the Shapiro Foundation for Anti-Racist Education. It follows our hero, Balfour, who has a special hat that can change it's shape to fit into any group. The hat allows Balfour to make friends with different groups of people who have very strange and often untrue ideas about each other.  45 min.  For the young & young at heart



have a mystery on their hands.  Someone has stolen two of

the special strawberry tarts the cook prepared for the Queen's croquet party.  The audience helps Alice and the others piece

together the mystery to find out which of the characters stole

the Queen's favorite tarts.  For all ages.  Approximately 50 min.

"The Mountain Folk's Song"


is an interactive, musical, wacky re-telling of the myth of Hercules' tenth labor.  It features several of the well-known gods, goddesses, and other creatures of Greek mythology.  It also need some audience help to create a Greek chorus so the story can be told in typical Greek theatre tradition.  For all ages.  approx. 50 minutes


is a fun, musical mash-up of the tales of The Little Red Hen and Chicken Little. It features the familiar characters of Henny Penny, Goosie Lucy, Turkey Lurkey, and Ducky Luck as well as the infamous & sly Foxy Loxy.  This version is full of songs and clever twists & turns.  For all ages.  approx. 50 minutes

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