Beginning each October  actors from Last Leaf travel to schools, libraries, parks, and early learning centers to bring live theater programs to children of all ages. Many of the original adaptations are based on classic fairy tales or folk tales from around the world to encourage literacy.  Some programs are STEAM-based to coordinate with school curriculum.  But all are colorful and entertaining.  We consistently receive great positive comments from kids and adults in the audience as well.

Each season we feature two, 40 - 50 minute, interactive programs followed by a meet and greet with the professional actors. During the summer we add a third alternative program to coordinate with the summer reading theme for libraries across the country.

You can now hear some of our most popular plays for free on the podcast Winking Kat Tales.  Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, &

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The cast of "Puss 'n Boots" with friends at a children's center south of Seattle.

Outdoor shows for Summer 2021

Join us for performances on:

Wednesday, August 25 at the
NW Arts Center in Bellevue, WA
7 pm

Sunday, August 29 at the
Eagle Ridge Park Senior Center
4:00 pm


Children's Programs sponsored in part by:

The Kroeger Charitable Fund


The Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions Fund

The Anne & Mary Fund of the

Community Foundation of

Snohomish County


is an interactive, musical adaptation of one of Hercules’ famous labors.  The labors were assigned to him by the Oracle of Delphi to clear his reputation and keep his soul from Hades.  For this labor, Hercules is told he must pick two golden apples from a magic apple tree.  Unfortunately, that tree grows in Hera’s secret garden.  The goddess, Hera, doesn’t want anyone to find her garden – least of all Hercules who she doesn’t like at all.  Hercules has to solve puzzles and take a long journey across Greece and Egypt to get to Hera’s Garden of Hesperides.  But with the help of Athena, the Sphinx, Atlas, and a Greek chorus (the audience), he may have a fighting chance to succeed.


Upcoming Public Performances 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are
only performing outdoors this summer.

As restrictions are lifted and Covid levels fall, we look forward to accepting bookings at schools, libraries, and special events. If you would like to talk with us about booking a performance you can email us at:
or call 425- 426- 4428

Please, check this website for new
We are all working together to make
sure you will be able to enjoy the magic of live theater safely as soon as possible.


The Magic Hat

is an original story developed in conjunction with the Shapiro Foundation for Anti-Racist Education. It follows our hero, Balfour, who has a special hat that can change it's shape to fit into any group. The hat allows Balfour to make friends with different groups of people who have very strange and often untrue ideas about each other.  45 min.

"The Mountain Folk's Song"